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Article: 5 Essential Tips for Beautiful & Natural Curls


5 Essential Tips for Beautiful & Natural Curls

Curls are amazing but require extra work to stay healthy and beautiful. If you are blessed with natural curls, you probably know what we are talking about, as curly hair is naturally more dry than other hair types. Choosing haircare products with lots of nourishing ingredients is therefore essential if you want to achieve a shiny curly hair.>

#1 Your Curls Need Lots of Moisture

Curly hair has a hard time staying moisturised, as the hair strands are naturally more dry and porous. Therefore, you basically can’t add too much moisture to your curls! Choose a nourishing, moisturising conditioner like Conditioner Deep Wood no. 08, and use it after your shower as a leave-in conditioner as well. A weekly hair mask with restorative, natural proteins will work wonders for your hair. Use Treatment Pure no. 03 and add a little Oil Treatment Deep Wood no. 99 for an extra moisture boost. You can also invest in the HairSpa Treatment Booster cap that optimises the effect of your treatment and reduces the treatment time.

#2 Dry Your curly Hair with Care


It is always best to let curly hair air dry. Avoid towel-drying the hair, instead squeeze is gently with your towel. Our experts recommend using a towel made of 100% pure cotton to reduce frizz. If you need to blow-dry your hair, remember to use a diffuser. It helps distributing the heat and makes the blow-drying gentler on your curls. Turn your head upside down and blow-dry from the tips to the roots. Avoid blow-drying too close to the scalp and use a heat protectant.

Try Styling Gel no. 12 which protects the hair from heat damage and adds moisture at the same time. You can mix your styling gel with Oil Treatment Deep Wood no. 99 for extra care.

#3 Choose Nourishing Styling Products for Curly Hair

When you are shopping for new styling products, you should always steer clear of silicone and other drying ingredients! Remember that your hair will look more beautiful when it is healthy, moisturised and cared for with natural ingredients.

We recommend our Styling Gel no. 12 and Hair Styling Mousse no. 91. Apply gel or mousse to wet hair. Start at the tips and work the product into the hair. When the hair is semi-dry, give your tips a few drops of Oil Treatment no. 99 or a little extra Styling Gel.


ZENZ Organic Products Styling Gel Sweet Orange no. 12

#4 Wash Curly Hair in Colder Water and Remember Your Detox

Showering in steaming hot water has a drying effect on your hair. Therefore, our experts recommend washing your hair in lukewarm or cold water instead. Colder water helps seal the cuticles, so the hair retains its moisture and gains a beautiful shine.

Your hair will also benefit from a monthly detox treatment. Use Hair & Scalp Rinse no. 87 to remove dirt, limescale and product residues that weigh down the hair and can clog the hair and scalp. Regular detox treatments will help you get the most out of your natural haircare products and keep your curls healthy.

#5 Protect Curly Hair with Nourishing Hair Dye

Natural, nourishing hair colours that only coat the outside of the hair shaft helps protect your hair. The new colour will even add extra shine!

You don’t have to choose a brand-new hair colour to benefit from this tip. If you are already fond of your natural colour, choose a shade that matches your own.

It is important to use mild and natural hair dye, and not permanent, artificial ones, since the latter will damage the hair instead of providing extra care and protection.

You can try this tip with our nourishing and 100% natural henna hair colours, which give a natural look with lots of colour play.

See all products for curly hair here.

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