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Article: Top 5 hair styling products for men and how to use them

ZENZ Organic Hair products for men

Top 5 hair styling products for men and how to use them

Finding the right styling routine is a relief for most. Being able to keep track of the hairstyle without spending unnecessary time on the hair styling in the morning, or before an important meeting at work, is luxury. Whether a product is the right one depends on several factors. Both hair type, hairstyle and preferences and style come into play.

Get started with this top 5 list of hair styling favorites for men. Get an overview of the different types of products, learn more about exactly how they are used, and find the styling products that suit your hair.

You can mix the products below - and in many cases it is precisely the combination of products that ensures you the best look.

ZENZ Organic Hair products for men

1. Paste

A paste is one of the most all-round styling products available. A paste is soft and creamy - and light in its consistency. It is a styling product that works for all hair types and hair lengths. A paste gives both structure, volume and hold without sticking or greasing. Compared to a classic wax, a paste gives more shine.

ZENZ Organic Styling Paste Pure no. 06 is based on natural and 100% vegan ingredients, which cares for the hair and adds moisture. It helps shape your hairstyle and gives a natural look that you can adjust during the day.

ZENZ Organic Styling Paste no. 06 takes care of your hair and your scalp. It is without perfume, certified by AllergyCertified and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

How to use it: 

Styling Paste no. 06 can be used in both dry and wet hair. In wet hair, more structure and shine is achieved, while when used in dry hair, more hold is created. Use only a tiny amount. Spread the product in your hands and shake your hands for a moment before spreading the paste in your hair and setting your hairstyle.

2. Wax

A wax is more matte than a paste and gives a stronger hold. It is especially suitable for styling short hair, but can also be used to control 'flying' hair strands in longer hair.

Despite its firm consistency, ZENZ Organic Wax Pure no. 09 has a soft look that stays all day. It contains among other things almond oil and shea butter, which provides moisture and care for the hair. This wax is water-based and without perfume, so there is nothing that bothers your scalp, and you can therefore easily leave it in your hair overnight.

How to use it:

You only need a tiny amount of the product to create great results, so be careful with your quantity. Warm the product in the palms of your hands and spread the wax in your hair with your fingertips. Concentrate on hair roots and tips.

ZENZ Organic hårprodukter til mænd3. Salt Water Spray

Just like when you have been on a trip to the sea on a hot summers day, a salt water spray makes your hair fuller. The salt absorbs the natural oils in the hair and gives it, in addition to fullness, a beautiful matte texture. In other words, your hair gets more volume without it looking too big.

You can use ZENZ Organic Salt Water Spray Pure no. 14 (without perfume) or Sweet Orange no. 15 (with natural scent of mild orange blossom) alone or before using Wax no. 09 or Styling Paste no. 06. Our Salt Water Spray is a non-aerosol spray with 100% vegan and moisturizing ingredients, organic avocado oil and French Mediterranean salt. It gives a medium hold to the hairstyle.

"One of the main reasons I use salt water spray and blow dry it into the hair of my clients in the salon is that many men do not like that their hair looks greasy or product-filled. By using salt water spray I can use less wax or paste. The look will be lighter and the hair will not look as product-coated. "

Noor Jullius Hjorth, Top Hairdresser at ZENZ

How to use:

If you use too much, the hair can become heavy, so start with only a small amount of the product and add more as needed. The product is easy applicable. 

4. Hair Powder

If you have not already tried a hair powder, then it's time! A hair powder gives lots of fullness and is a gift for anyone with thin, flat hair. ZENZ Organic Volume Hair Powder no. 89 provides maximum volume and fixes the hair without weighing it down. On top of that, it works as a dry shampoo and can be used to good advantage on days when you skip the hair wash.

Our voluminous hair powder is 100% vegan and fragrance free.

You can also choose a coloured hair powder that makes your hair look stronger. At ZENZ, we have three different shades of coloured hair powders: Blonde no. 35, Auburn no. 36 and Dark Brown no. 37.

How to use: 

The hair powder is sprinkled directly into the hair close to the hair roots, but not directly into the scalp. Can also be sprinkled in the palms and squeezed into the hair, making it easier to control the amount that comes into your hair. If you prefer to sprinkle directly into the hair, you can cover some of the holes on the Hair Powder with a piece of tape, if you think too much of the product comes out all at once. ZENZ Organic Hårstyling mænd

5. Oil

Oil may not be the first thing you think of when looking for a great styling product. But nonetheless, our Oil Treatments are super usable for this purpose.

If you have very thick hair, we recommend mixing a drop of oil in your Styling Paste no. 06 or Wax no. 09, this way the product becomes easier to distribute in your hair.

The oil can also be used alone. For example, you can create a cool wet look, keep track of flying hair strands, give definition to your hairstyle and nourish dry and split ends.

How to use it:

With ZENZ Organic Oil Treatments you only need one drop, unless you go for a wet look, where the entire lengths of the hair has to be shiny. Put some oil on your finger and distribute the oil to all your fingertips. Then apply a little oil to the hair on the areas you want to highlight, tame or provide extra moisture.

We have four different oils, each with their own set of special properties. All can be used for styling. But if you want an oil that can also be used for beard care, then choose ZENZ Organic Oil Treatment Deep Wood no. 99, which is particularly good for beard care. You can read more about that here.

ZENZ Organic Hårpleje til mænd

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