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Article: Fragrance-free is better for your skin

Perfume-free is better for your skin

Fragrance-free is better for your skin

At ZENZ Organic, we look after your skin and your health. That is why we only make products with nature's finest ingredients, and we also have products without fragrance (essential oils). Every year more and more Danes are diagnosed with fragrance allergy. The Knowledge Center for Allergy states that at least 20% of the Danish population today suffers from fragrance allergy, also called 'contact allergy'. Fragrance allergy is an allergic reaction to fragrances in care products, which manifests itself in an itchy rash with redness, bumps or blisters. If you have had an allergic reaction to fragrance once, you will have a fragrance allergy for the rest of your life. Fragrance allergy is an allergic late reaction. This means that the allergenic substances in the fragrance penetrate the skin, where they are met by our immune system.

In some people, the immune system goes on alert when it encounters the substance again - which indicates that you have fragrance allergy. When the substance next comes on the skin, an eczema reaction will occur within the next few days. And since the immune system is now ready to fight, you can get eczema anywhere on the body where you encounter the allergen - not just where you got the allergy.


A part of the story

Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen is the woman behind the product range ZENZ Organic Products and the Green Hairdressing concept ZENZ Organic Hairdressing. During her apprenticeship as a hairdresser, Anne-Sophie developed an allergy to traditional chemical hair products.

In order to continue in the hairdressing profession and at the same time help others with the same challenge, she opened her first ZENZ salon in 1999 with a focus on health, sustainability and organic products.

In 2010, ZENZ launched its first Nordic Swan Eco-labelled professional care products. It has since become a complete range under the name ZENZ Organic Products. ZENZ Organic Products is part of the organic ZENZ universe, which today is Denmark's largest Green Hairdressing chain.

All the products are made in the highest salon quality and are based on natural and organic certified ingredients that gently care for and strengthen hair and skin.


Allergies and eczema can be incredibly disabling and cause great inconvenience. The best way to avoid developing a perfume allergy is to be preventive.

In collaboration with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, we at ZENZ Organic Products have become part of the campaign Fragrance-free is better for your skin, where we focus on the habits of young people in particular with care products with perfume in them. Precisely if we can change the habits of young people to use care products without perfume, we can help prevent them from developing a perfume allergy later in life.

Allergy-friendly products without perfume

At ZENZ Organic, we avoid any potentially harmful substances in all ZENZ products we use and produce. From shampoo and hair color to styling products, we only use ingredients that are natural and organically certified, and that gently care for and strengthen hair and skin.

If you want to avoid perfume (essential oils) completely, we have developed a special allergy-friendly product series called Pure. All the products in our Pure range carry the AllergyCertified label, which means you can be sure that the products do not contain perfume (essential oils). In addition, all ZENZ Organics products are made from nature's finest and purest ingredients, which means that you don't have to worry about hormone-disrupting substances in any of ZENZ Organics products. The Pure product line is made specifically for perfume allergy sufferers, children and pregnant women and people with sensitive skin, who want to completely avoid even natural fragrances. You can therefore safely use the Pure product line for the whole family.

At ZENZ Organic, we help you take extra good care of you and your children's skin, without compromising on quality. We offer professional products specially developed to take care of you, your family and your health!

ZENZ Organic Pure-serien See the entire ZENZ Organic Pure range here.

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