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MEET OUR ambassadors

Meet Gisele Azad and Rosanna Sophia, our dynamic duo of brand ambassadors hailing from the Netherlands! With their passion for natural beauty and commitment to sustainable living, Gisele and Rosanna embody the essence of ZENZ Organic. Follow along as they share their inspiring journeys, expert tips, and favorite ZENZ products, inspiring you to embrace your unique beauty with confidence and authenticity. Join us in celebrating their dedication to wellness and discover the transformative power of our natural haircare products through their firsthand experiences.

Rosanna Sophia

A proud mother of two who loves to share her parenting journey on Instagram @Billierose. Rosanna is from the Netherlands and her content covers a diverse range of topics, from fashion and interior design to motherhood and self-care.

Read along and you’ll get to experience how Rosanna's hair is growing strong and beautiful with ZENZ Organic Products. Maybe you will even pick up some helpful tips and inspiration along the way.


Gisele Azad

Gisele is known as the Forest Girl, she is a columnist for Vogue NL and is currently living in and building two cabins in the Dutch forrest.

Gisele has a driven interest in trying natural and organic products that easily fit into her lifestyle. Her philosophy is that 'beauty is in the pure and simple'.


Vegan, natural & certified organic ingredients

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