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Article: ZENZ Talent: Danish Tennis Player Olivia Gram

ZENZ supports talent - Olivia Gram
Behind ZENZ

ZENZ Talent: Danish Tennis Player Olivia Gram

ZENZ supports talents no matter what their passion is. For ZENZ a talent is someone who always does their best, is passionate about what they do, is dedicated and has a strong willpower. We are proud to present our first ZENZ Talent: Olivia Gram.  

Olivia Gram is a Danish professional tennis player. At ZENZ we support Olivia Gram as she always works hard towards achieving her goal to become the best tennis player. Olivia always plays to win and every day she is dedicated and focused on her goal. She is a talent, who inspires many people with her willpower, strength, healthy lifestyle and strong mindset.  

At ZENZ we want to give talents the best prerequisites to achieve their goals and dreams. We create the best environment for our trainees in our salons, so they have the best prerequisites to develop themselves and their talent. All our hairdressers, both trainees and hairdressers, receive training in our own ZENZ Organic Academy, so they can continue to develop and acquire more skills. We see our trainees as our future salon partners.  

Olivia Gram 

Olivia Gram is 21 years old. She is born and raised in Kolding, Denmark. Olivia has been playing tennis professionally since 2020. She started playing tennis when she was 7 years old, as her older brother won a tennis racket for her. Today she is number 974 on the world ranking list (April 2020) and her goal is to become the best tennis player in the world.    ZENZ Talent Olivia Gram

What are your favourite products from ZENZ and how do you use them?  

I have a variety of favourite products that I use daily, often several times a day as I work out more than once a day.  

Shampoo Menthol no. 10 is my favorite shampoo as it is nice and refreshing, it also cools me down after a tough workout.  

Oil Treatment Sweet Mint no. 96 I always use this oil after a shower. It is perfect to massage into my muscles and enhances my restitution.  

I often have my hair in a braid which often leaves me with the prettiest curls afterwards, I use Finishing Hair Spray Pure no. 88 to keep my post braid curls, as my hair normally is straight.  

Face Cream Pure no. 101 is nice and refreshing and keeps my skin hydrated. I especially love it after a workout in a sports arena that dries my skin out.  

Hair Brush Paddle Combo is an amazing hair brush, it is easy to brush my hair with after a braid and does not make my hair electric.  

ZENZ Organic Products Olivia Gram

What products do you use in your hair- and skincare routine? 

I wash my hair every second day with Shampoo Menthol no. 10 even though I do a workout a lot, I can postpone my hair wash when I braid my hair. I use Shampoo Menthol no. 10 every day as a body wash, as the menthol is refreshing and gives a boost of energy for my next training session.  

I have a simple but stable routine every morning and night. I wash my face and use Face Cream Pure no. 101 I brush my hair with Hair Brush Paddle Combo and make a French braid in the morning and in the evening, I make a regular braid that I sleep with.  

Which products do you use before or after your training sessions or tournaments?  

I use my favourite products which consists of Shampoo Menthol no. 10, Oil Treatment Sweet Mint no. 96 and Face Cream Pure no. 101, as a relaxing ritual after my training session. It is a simple way to treat myself and it makes me feel good after a match or training session.   

Do you have a go to hairstyle whenever you have a tournament or training session?  

I do a French braid, which has become a part of my image, quite a lot of people recognizes me because of that.  

What is a healthy lifestyle for you?  

A healthy lifestyle for me is especially important. It is necessary to be in balance when it comes to my physical and mental health. For me, good health is significant in every aspect, it can vary from being positive, having a good mood and eating healthy. Furthermore, it is vital to have a healthy relationship with the sport I do.  

What inspires you?  

Being healthy and general health is an inspiration for me. I get inspired by a lot of different things, especially various aspects of health. For me, it is healthy to follow my dreams and stay balanced.  

What motivates you to become even better?  

My main goal is to win big tournaments and becoming the best tennis player in the world. I always set new goals for future tournaments, but for me personal growth is by far my main motivation. I continuously work on becoming the best version of myself for instance by doing what I am good at.  

Do you have a fun fact about yourself?   

I am good at cooking and I make the best porridge.  

ZENZ Talent Olivia Gram


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