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Understand Kemiluppen's A, B and C-flask assessment of products

Organisation Forbrugerrådet Tænk has developed the Kemiluppen app for consumers, so that they can easily and quickly get an overview of whether the products they use contain ingredients that are suspected of being hormone disruptors. The Kemiluppen does not assess the amount of the various ingredients, but focuses exclusively on the ingredients that are listed on the product's ingredient list. The app allows users to identify these suspected drugs.

What do A, B and C-flasks mean?

  • A-flask indicates that your product is free of specific problematic substances identified by the Forbrugerrådet Tænk organisation.
  • B-flask indicates that the product does not contain certain problematic substances, but may include, for example, perfume that can cause allergies or harm the environment. If you want to minimize the risk of perfume allergy and pay particular attention to the environment, you should avoid products with B flasks.
  • C-flask means that your product contains ingredients that are suspected of being hormone disruptors. These ingredients are legal to use and the product itself does not pose a direct risk to you. However, the product contributes to your overall exposure to these ingredients that are suspected to be problematic – known as the "cocktail effect". In the case of C flasks, it may also contain an ingredient that is prohibited in products; however, this will clearly appear.

The organisation Forbrugerrådet Tænk has checked ingredients in 72 shampoos on the Danish market. Among them is ZENZ Shampoo Pure no. 01, among other things, has been assessed and has received the A flask. This means that the shampoo contains no plant extracts that can cause allergies, no perfumes, no suspected endocrine disruptors, no environmentally harmful substances and no other allergenic substances.

ZENZ's Pure product line is products without perfume. They all carry the Nordic Ecolabel and AllergyCertified, which is your assurance as a consumer that these products do not contain any hormone-disrupting or other allergenic substances. You can therefore safely use the ZENZ Pure product line as a pregnant woman, allergic, sensitive etc. If you are in doubt, you can always check the products on the Kemiluppen.