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Cancellation right

14 days cancellation right

When you shop at you always have 14 days to cancel. This means you have 14 days to notify us if you regret the purchase and then return the item to us.

The cancellation right runs from the day you receive the item. If the deadline expires on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, the deadline is extended to the following working day. In the case of several different items, which are ordered in one order but delivered individually, the period runs from the receipt of the last item.

Remember that you are obliged to return the item in substantially the same condition and quantity as it was received. This also applies to the packaging and info signs that are on the item. In some cases, if the product has been opened, bacteria can be formed, thus reducing its shelf life. If the item has deteriorated after receipt, a reasonable percentage of the original price of the item will be deducted.

In order to claim the cancellation right, you must give us an unambiguous statement within 14 days of receipt of the items.

You must therefore notify us by e-mail: before returning an item.


Incorrectly delivered items

If you have received an incorrect item in relation to what you ordered, please contact us by e-mail: Please provide us with your order reference number, your name and address, telephone number and product details as well as reasons for the desired return or exchange.

We strive to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. In our response, we will advise on how the further return process should take place. If the error is confirmed by us, you will either receive a new item or you will be refunded the purchase amount.



If you regret your purchase, the items must be returned to:

ZENZ Organic Products ApS
Thoravej 7
2400 Copenhagen NV


Telephone number: +45 53538405

Remember to notify us by email: before sending the goods back. Upon return, you should make sure that the items is properly wrapped. You are responsible for the item yourself until we receive your return package. Always save your receipt and tracking number.

When you cancel a purchase, you have to pay the cost of returning the item yourself. We expect you to ship the item as soon as possible after you have given notice of cancellation. Remember you must send the return package within 14 days of your regret.

Note! We only accept returns send with distribution directly to our office.

Please also note that there is not always someone at our address to receive packages. We recommend that you send your parcel by Postnord or GLS, so that we can pick up the parcel at the nearest post shop / parcel shop, in cases where we are not here to receive the parcel.

Returns can also be made by refusing receipt or delivering the item to us personally. It is a great help if thorough information is included in the package - for example a copy of order confirmation and, if possibly, copy of prior correspondence, etc.



When we receive your returned items, we will check it and then you will be refunded the amount you paid to us upon purchase, if the item is in unused and in condition to be resold. The amount is always transferred to the same payment method with which you made the purchase. If you have paid by credit card, the purchase amount will be returned to the card you used in the purchase. The amount must be refunded according to the consumer rules before 14 days have passed from receipt of the goods. However, we always try to repay the money immediately upon receipt.

Please note that you may lose your purchase amount, in whole or in part. It happens if the value of the product is impaired because:

  • If you have actually used the item.
  • If the label has been removed in whole or in part, or if it is missing.
  • the item has been damaged while in your care, or while you were in charge of the person you handled the item in.

If you have used the item beyond what is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the item, we reserve the right, after a specific assessment in each case, to reduce the refund or to cancel the refund completely.