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Article: How to Use Conditioner the Right Way

Learn more about how to use conditioner the right way

How to Use Conditioner the Right Way

Have you been told keep conditioner far away from your scalp? Prepare to change the way you use conditioner! If you use a natural conditioner, there is no reason to keep the wonderful, natural ingredients from nourishing your scalp.

But it is crucial that your conditioner is completely free from harmful ingredients such as silicone, which do not belong in the scalp - or in the rest of your hair.

If your natural conditioner makes your hair look heavy, then you are most likely using it incorrectly. Keep reading and get our experts' tips on how to use your conditioner the right way.

When Should You Use Conditioner?

The outer layer of the hair shaft is called the cuticle. When your hair gets wet, the small scales on the cuticle lift, allowing the water and your shampoo to rinse the hair shaft.

Your conditioner ensures that the cuticle closes and tightens after shampoo wash and leaves your hair strong, soft and shiny. 

Conditioner makes your hair smooth. When the hair is smooth, it becomes shiny as well, because the smoother surface is better at reflecting light. 

Because your conditioner closes the cuticle, it must be used every time you wash your hair. First shampoo, then conditioner.

If you use a hair treatment, the order is: shampoo, treatment, conditioner. If you have added a nourishing oil to your hair treatment, wash an extra time with shampoo before you finish with conditioner.

Rinse Your Hair Thoroughly After Conditioner

Rinse your hair thoroughly after applying conditioner. If you feel up to it, you can massage your scalp in calm, circular motions with your conditioner first. Massaging your scalp can strengthen the hair growth - but be gentle. Your hair is more fragile when it is wet, so be careful to prevent damage.

You can also use your conditioner as a leave-in conditioner when the hair is semi-dry or dry. Use Conditioner Deep Wood no. 08 to give an extra moisture boost as leave-in dry, damaged and curly hair.

Conditioner Deep Wood no. 08 fra ZENZ Organic

How to Apply Conditioner in Your Hair?

Use only a small amount of conditioner and distribute it with a comb or by running your fingers through your hair. A good distribution leaves your hair even more soft!

Remember that Conditioner from ZENZ Organic only needs to sit in the hair for 2 minutes.

Don’t use too much conditioner at once. With conditioners from ZENZ Organic, a little goes a long way, so too much conditioner can make your hair look flat and heavy.

If you want plenty of moisture for heavy hair without weighing it down, choose the Cactus series, which adds extra vitamins and minerals from prickly pear cactus.

Conditioner Cactus no. 18 på sten fra ZENZ Organic

Use Your Conditioner on Your Scalp

All ZENZ Organic Conditioners can be used on the scalp. Healthy hair starts with a well-balanced scalp, and your natural conditioner from ZENZ Organic contributes to this.

Each variant contains a set of super ingredients that help with hair and scalp problems. Our Deep Wood series is great for a stressed scalp, which can feel dry, tight, scaly or itchy, while the Menthol series can relieve oily hair and scalp.

All ZENZ Organic Conditioners are free from harmful chemicals and full of nourishing ingredients, which help to strengthen, restore and maintain the natural balance.

You can find all our conditioners here.

Conditioner Menthol no. 11 fra ZENZ Organic

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