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Article: The Ultimate Guide for Hair Treatments That Actually Work

get healthier and stronger hair with the right hair treatment

The Ultimate Guide for Hair Treatments That Actually Work

It is no secret that we love hair treatments at ZENZ Organic. But if you already take good care of your hair with natural beauty products and remember to use conditioner every time you wash hair – are hair treatments even necessary for your hair? The short answer is: yes!

Keep reading and get a detailed guide on four different hair treatments that you can make at home. We promise that it will leave your hair healthier, stronger and full of natural shine.

Why You Should Be Using Both Conditioner & Treatment

It can be difficult to see the difference between conditioner and hair treatment - and why you should be using both, as both your treatment and conditioner will provide strength and leave your hair silky soft. 

The big difference is that conditioner primarily protects the outer layer of the hair, while a protein treatment penetrates deep into the hair shaft, where the nourishing ingredients create long-lasting results.

Most people will only need a hair treatment once a week, while conditioner should be used every time you rinse your hair in the shower.

Your hair treatment ensures that the hair can grow strong, healthy and naturally shiny. It helps you avoid dry, filtered hair as well as to restore the natural balance of the scalp, which can improve hair growth.

Always Use You Hair Treatment in Clean Hair 

Dirt and product residues make it harder for your hair treatment to penetrate properly, so remember to wash your hair with a good shampoo before applying a hair treatment.

All ZENZ Organic shampoos are made with natural ingredients and nourishing soaps, ensuring a gentle but thorough cleanse of your hair and scalp.

1. Strengthen You Hair With a Natural Protein Treatment

There is a reason why our protein Treatment Pure no. 03 is a bestseller.

In addition to being stuffed with 99.1% natural ingredients such as organic cold-pressed avocado oil, organic purified aloe vera and gluten-free wheat protein, it does exactly what a great treatment should. It ensures that your hair is strengthened and rebuilt from the inside, while it becomes silky soft and easy to style.

Because it is both gentle and fragrance-free, Treatment no. 03 can be used on even the most sensitive scalp, and it is both certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and AllergyCertified.

Proteinhårkur Treatment Pure no. 03 fra ZENZ Organic

How to use Treatment no. 03:

  • Apply the treatment in freshly washed, towel-dry or dry hair.
  • Wrap your hair in plastic film or a bag and put on a towel or a HairSpa Treatment Booster. Make sure it sits tightly so the heat is encapsulated. The heat helps to open the hair shafts and ensures that the treatment can penetrate properly. Let the treatment work for 10-30 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and finish with ZENZ Organic conditioner.

2. Add Oil to Your Treatment for an Extra Moisture Boost 

You can make your protein treatment richer and more nourishing by adding a little Oil Treatment. This is especially important for coloured hair, as it will help the colour stay beautiful for longer - simply because healthy hair is better at holding on to the colour than dry hair. 

The procedure is the same as above: Apply the treatment to either towel-dry or dry hair leave it in for 10-30 minutes. Add shampoo before rinsing thoroughly with water to get all the oil out. Finish with a good conditioner.

You can choose allergy-friendly by using products from the Pure series: Oil Treatment Pure no. 97, Shampoo Pure no. 01 and Conditioner Pure no. 02. Coloured hair will also benefit from the Deep Wood series, which in addition to providing moisture also has colour-preserving properties.

Oliehårkur i glasskål, pensel og ZENZ Organic HairSpa

3. Oil Treatment is a luxury for the scalp

A hair treatment consisting of pure oil from one of the four Oil Treatments from ZENZ Organic is worth of gold for the scalp and hair. If you suffer from psoriasis on your scalp, try to use Healing Sense no. 98, or Deep Wood no. 99 if you have problems with dandruff and itching.


How To Do a Hair Treatment with Oil:

Bonus tip: You can mix organic cane sugar with your oil and give your scalp a gentle scrub and massage to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the hair follicles. It will help optimise hair growth. See the scalp massage video here

Fire Oil Treatments fra ZENZ Organic på hvid sten

4. Get Silky-Soft Hair with Overnight Oil Treatment

If you really want to pamper your hair, then try an Overnight Oil Treatment. We recommend Pure no. 97 or Deep Wood no. 99 for this treatment that can revive even winter dry or sun damaged hair.

How to use Overnight Oil Treatments:

- Apply a generous amount of oil in towel-dry or dry hair, and massage it well into the hair and scalp.

- Cover your pillow with a towel so it won't get stained by the oil, and sleep well.

- In the morning you add a little ZENZ Organic shampoo to the hair before rinsing thoroughly.

- Finish with ZENZ Organic conditioner.

If your hair is dull or damaged, repeat the treatment 2-3 times a month. Your hair will start to feel healthier, and overtime you will only need to do the treatment once a month or less.

The Overnight Oil Treatment is especially suitable for long, dry or curly hair, as the oil adds extra moisture to your hair.

Get Our Experts’ Extra Tips for Hair Treatments

Use your fingers, a brush or a wide comb to apply and distribute the treatment in your hair. If you use your fingers, be sure to use the tip as it will provide an even distribution of the treatment and is gentle on your scalp.

While you are applying the product, you can take the time to give yourself a scalp massage. This doesn’t only feel good, it also helps stimulate the hair follicles and the blood flow. 

Try ZENZ Organic HairSpa on your hair treatment instead of a towel. Our HairSpa is an eco-friendly and self-heating treatment boosting cap. The natural heat from the HairSpa cap helps to boost the effect of your treatment, and the cap can be used again and again.

Treat yourself to a nice foot bath while the treatment works wonders for your hair. Add a little oil to the water and get the softest feet.

Get More Expert Tips for Natural Hair Care

Do you want to learn more about how you can maintain a healthy hair and a scalp in balance? Explore our blog universe full of tips and tricks here. 

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