Strengthen your hair with natural proteins 

Is your hair a little damaged, do you have split ends or suffer from a dry scalp?  Your hair not only needs a ton of moisture, but also vitamins, minerals and proteins for a healthy and strong hair.  A natural, soft and shiny hair does not come buy it self, but requires a haircare routine. Your daily use of styling products, the environment you interact in, salt water or a jump in a pool are things, that can damage your hair.  

At ZENZ we only use clean and natural ingredients. Our products makes your hair healthy all the way from a healthy scalp to healthy ends.  

Our products don't just sit as a layer on top of the individual hair to give the illusion of strong and healthy hair. Conventional beauty products often contain silicone. Silicone lays as a layer on the outside of the hair shaft. It is water resistant and a chemical product that accumulates over time. ZENZ do not have silicone in any of our products. 

Silicone can disrupt the health of your hair and scalp

The shiny appearance that silicone provides does not come from healthy hair. It comes from the silicone creating a rubber-like coating on the hair, which can attract dirt and oils, clogging the scalp and preventing moisture and nourishing products from penetrating the hair. Over time, this can lead to thinning hair as the hair is not receiving the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins. Additionally, if the build-up of silicone products is not properly cleaned from the hair regularly, it can further damage the hair and make it more prone to breakage and damage. It is generally recommended to use hair products that are free from silicones and to use a regular hair cleansing routine.

Make your hair stronger and healthier with natural haircare

Building up your hair with natural hair care products is a great way to achieve healthy, shiny hair. Using haircare products with clean, natural ingredients can strengthen and nourish your hair without causing damage. ZENZ Organic Products are known for their use of pure and natural ingredients, which do not damage hair or disrupt the balance of the scalp. These products can provide a gentle cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing experience to the hair, promote healthy hair growth and repair damaged hair. 

It is true that natural proteins such as gluten-free wheat protein and silk can strengthen and nourish your hair. Hair is made up of proteins and when you add wheat protein or silk to your hair care routine, it helps to rebuild the hair from the inside out. The natural proteins seal the hair cuticles, strengthening the hair and reduces hair loss, as stronger hair strands are less likely to break. Additionally, these proteins can repair and reduce split ends, as they provide moisture and hydration to the hair, making it easy to detangle. By using natural ingredients in ZENZ Organic Products, you can achieve soft and shiny hair.

Silk protein, like wheat protein, gently nourishes the hair. It also provides moisture and shine, and has a heat-protecting effect. This makes it ideal to use when using hair dryers or styling tools, as it can help protect your hair from damage.

It is also worth mentioning that regular hair trimming and a healthy lifestyle can also help to promote healthy hair growth.

3 expert tips for healthy and strong hair 

Here are 3 tips from our experts on achieving strong and beautiful hair by using hair care products with natural proteins.

  1. Detox your hair In order for the rebuilding proteins from a hair care treatment to penetrate the hair, it is important to first remove the layer of lime, dirt, and product residue. Hair & Scalp Rinse no. 87 deeply cleanses both the hair and scalp while also nourishing the hair with extracts from aloe vera, chamomile and apple.

The detox treatment will both cleanse and nourish by providing renewed strength.

Our experts recommend using Hair & Scalp Rinse no. 87 1-2 times a week, depending on how much lime is in your water and how damaged your hair is. The more open the hair strand is, the more often it needs to be cleaned."

2. Repair your hair with a protein treatment 

A protein hair treatment penetrates the innermost layer of the hair, where it repairs and strengthens. Try our nourishing Treatment no. 03 with gluten-free wheat protein. You can also book an appointment in one of our salons for a deep treatment - tailored specifically for you with your favorite ZENZ Organic Oil Treatment. We will always guide you to achieve the best result. You will immediately see the effect of strong and soft hair.

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3. Styling and nourishment in one product 

Did you know that our styling mousse not only provides lots of volume? It also nourishes and strengthens your hair with organic purified aloe vera and natural proteins. Both are gentle on the scalp and easy to wash out. Choose between the vegan and allergen-certified Styling Mousse no. 90 with gluten-free wheat protein or Styling Mousse no. 91 with silk protein and a lovely scent of orange blossom and apple.

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