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Nordic eco-labelled and organic


Dream away to Morocco with Rhassoul, which has a lovely sweet scent of vanilla, coconut milk and caramel. Rhassoul is made from rasul clay extracted from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Rasul clay has a unique composition of minerals, which is why the clay is good and effective for skin and hair. Rasul clay has both a very cleansing and nourishing effect.

ZENZ Signature Rhassoul provides moisture, strength and vitality to fine, normal and dry hair and dry scalp. Shop the full ZENZ Signature Rhassoul here.

Do you want the same good properties without perfume? Shampoo Rhassoul Pure no. 19 is AllergyCertified and 100% perfume-free.

Shampoo Rhassoul no. 16

what others say?

"Extremely exotic scented shampoo. It is good for my thick hair. The conditioner effect works. Big shoutout to ZENZ because Raussoul is also made in travel size."

"Really good shampoo for my curly hair - I have very fine curly hair and it likes the conditioner. Defined curls without frizz."

"The world's best shampoo! Love it, I don't need conditioner with this and my hair is both dry and frizzy, but this shampoo tames it. Thanks!"

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