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Article: 10 Ways to Use Your ZENZ Organic Oil Treatment

Read more about ho w to use multifunctional oils treatments from ZENZ Organic

10 Ways to Use Your ZENZ Organic Oil Treatment

Oils are as popular as ever, and we understand the hype, since natural oils are pure luxury for both hair and skin. Avocado oil is said to be the best, as it is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help restore dry or irritated skin and revitalise matte and dull hair.

At ZENZ Organic, we use certified organic, cold-pressed avocado oil in all our four signature Oil Treatments. Each variant also contains a number of amazing, natural ingredients, which gives the oil extra powers.

Our natural oils are multifunctional, which means you can use them in several ways - and maybe even cut down on the number of products you use in your beauty routine. Keep reading and let our experts inspire to at least 10 ways to use your ZENZ Organic Oil Treatments.

ZENZ Organic Oil Treatments på klippe

Use Natural Oil in Your Hair and Scalp

Avocado oil is the ultimate oil for hair care. It is rich on vitamins A and E and gives you a soft and shiny hair, while the oil nourishes and strengthens your scalp.

All four Oil Treatments from ZENZ Organic can be used on both hair and scalp, and the different oils each have unique properties.

If your hair is oily, choose Sweet Mint no. 96. Are you suffering from hair loss, both Sweet Mint is no. 96 and Deep Wood no. 99 are for you. If you suffer from psoriasis, you should try Healing Sense no. 98. Do you suffer from allergies or sensitive skin, remember that Oil Treatment Pure no. 97 is without perfume and certified by both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and AllergyCertified.

If you are unsure about which of the oil treatments you should try, we are always happy to help you find your right match. Write a comment at the bottom of this blog post, and we will get back to you.

1. How to Do an Oil Hair Treatment

Use your favourite oil as a hair treatment - either alone or mixed with Treatment Pure no. 03. Apply the treatment to wet, semi-dry or dry hair, and leave it in for 10-30 minutes. Add shampoo and rinse thoroughly with water. Finish with conditioner.

If your hair or scalp needs extra care, you can try an overnight oil treatment, where the oil stays in your hair overnight. You can read more about the overnight hair treatment here.

Proteinkuren Treatment Pure no. 03 fra ZENZ Organic

2. Revitalise Dry Tips with Natural Oil

enough. The finer your hair is, the less oil you will need. Use the oil in towel-dry or dry hair – test it and see what works best for your hair.

3. You Get Heat Protection from Your Natural Oil

Your Oil Treatment is also great for styling. The obvious choice is to create a classic wet look where the oil is allowed to shine. You can also use it as a heat protectant and apply it to the lengths of your hair before blow-drying or using hot styling tools. Mix your oil with Styling Gel no. 12 for extra care and remember that a single drop of oil will often be enough.

If you have flyaway hair on the top of your head that refuses to stay down no matter what you do, try with a tiny bit of oil. We recommend that you mix the oil with Styling Paste no. 06 for a long-lasting result.

Oil Treatment og Styling Gel no. 12 fra ZENZ Organic

4. Replace or Boost Your Skin Care with Natural Oil

Thanks to the many nourishing properties of avocado oil and apricot kernel oil, our Oil Treatments are perfect for skin care. Use the oil directly on your skin or add a drop or two to your cream or lotion. 

Use your multifunctional oil as face and body care. This can help you cut down on the number of products in your beauty routine and will benefit both your economy and the environment. When using the oil treatment on your face, remember to let it dry before applying makeup.

Winter dry skin will love Healing Sense no. 98. If you are pregnant, use the fragrance-free Pure no. 97, which can also be used for the baby when it’s born. During pregnancy it is important to take extra good care of your skin, as a moisturised and supple skin can minimises the risk of stretch marks.

Hjemmelavet scrub med Oil Treatment fra ZENZ Organic

5. How to Make You Own Oil Scrub for Face & Body

A good body scrub will help remove dead skin cells and makes your skin look fresh and supple. Mix your favourite oil with organic cane sugar and apply the mixture on dry skin all over your body before jumping in the shower. Sweet Mint no. 96 has a tightening effect on the skin and can help with water retention and cellulite.

If you mix the oil with fine sugar instead, you can give your face a gentle massage with the mixture and minimise fine lines while adding lots of moisture. You can also use fresh, organic coffee grounds both on your scalp and skin. Just remember to use the mixture on the day you make it, before the coffee grounds turn bad.

Scrubbing your lips will help your lip gloss or lipstick look beautiful all day with a smoother finish while leaving you with ultra-soft lips.

6. Add Oils with Natural Fragrance to Your Foot Bath

On days when you take the extra time to care for your body and soul, a warm foot bath is truly wonderful. Add a little oil to the water and let the oil soften hard skin so your feet become soft and ready for summer. All four oil treatments from ZENZ Organic can be used for foot baths.

7. Add Oil to Your Makeup

You can create new textures and finishes with your makeup by adding oil treatment. Add a drop of oil to loose mineral powder and create a creamy liquid foundation, or to your eyeshadows for a more pigmented and dramatic look on the eyelid. We recommend the fragrance-free Pure no. 97 for mixing with makeup.

8. Use Natural Oil as Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes

Oil Treatment Pure no. 97 is the perfect makeup remover and can even handle waterproof mascara. Of course, the oil also provides a nourishing effect when used as a makeup remover, so it helps keep the sensitive skin around your eyes healthy and moisturised.

Allergivenlig Oil Treatment Pure no. 97 fra ZENZ Organic

9. Gentle & Natural Oil Treatment for Your Baby

Pure no. 97 is an amazing all-round oil for baby care, as it is certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and AllergyCertified and is without any form of fragrance.

Use it in the bath water instead of drying soaps or as a moisturiser for dry and delicate baby skin. The oil can also help with diaper rashes and dry winter cheeks in the colder months.

If your baby develops cradle cap, use a little oil to loosen the scaly patches from the scalp and remove it with a soft baby toothbrush. Wash with water or Shampoo no. 01.

Oil Treatment Sweet Mint no. 96 fra ZENZ Organic

10. Natural & Efficient Treatment of Head Lice

If you have children, there is a fair chance that you know how frustrating it can be when someone in the family catches head lice. Fortunately, you can get rid of the little beasts with hair and scalp treatments with Sweet Mint no. 96. The lice are unable to breathe in the oil and will come to the surface. Ginger and peppermint, found in Sweet Mint no. 96, helps to suffocate them - effectively and without harmful chemicals.

How To Get Rid of Lice with Oil Treatment:

- Apply a large amount of oil to the hair.

- Wrap the hair in an old towel or plastic film and leave it in for 30 minutes.

- Comb the hair with a fine-toothed head lice comb. For hair that is thicker or otherwise difficult to comb through, apply Conditioner no. 02 before combing.

- Comb your hair every other day for 2 weeks to get rid of newly hatched lice.

Get More Expert Tips for Natural Hair Care 

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