ZENZ is officially an OWP+ partner.

"At ZENZ, we strive to reuse the plastic that is already available. That's why the majority of our packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic from consumers and industries.

Through our partnership with Pack Tech and their partner ReSea Project, which operates a proven and certified collection solution, we are making a tangible and measurable effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world's oceans. They collect plastic from the world's oceans in a 1:1 relationship to the weight of our product packaging.

"We are working towards a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry, and as leaders in the field, we are proud to be an official OWP+ Partner. This means we support the development of new technologies that can make a big difference in the future, where plastic collected from the world's oceans can be transformed into packaging," says Jørgen Skjødt, CEO.

OWP+ is an addition to the OWP concept. With OWP+, we use the collected plastic waste to manufacture packaging."

What does OWP+ Special Edition mean?

As an OWP+ Partner, we are proud to introduce a brand new product in an OWP+ Special Edition.

Our new products, Body Wash Pure no. 40 and Body Wash Blossom no. 41, are not just an expansion of our product portfolio, but they also come in an OWP+ Special Edition. The packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic. 20% of it is OWP+, a raw material made from plastic waste collected by ReSea Project from the world's oceans. The remaining 80% is post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR).

OWP+ Special Edition is characterized by its gray color. It will be available in a 250 ml size for Body Wash Pure no. 40 and Body Wash Blossom no. 41.

With this advancement, we are influencing the industry in a more responsible and positive direction when it comes to the production and use of more sustainable packaging.

Where does the plastic collection take place?

As part of the project, ZENZ founders, Anne-Sophie and Jørgen, visited ReSea Project in Jakarta, Indonesia. There, they gained insight into the process and helped collect and sort plastic waste. Indonesia is one of the world's most plastic-polluted countries and faces one of our time's greatest environmental challenges.

Anne-Sophie and Jørgen share about the journey: "A change can happen when we support countries across continents and cultures. Witnessing the entire process from collecting plastic from seas and rivers to sorting and recycling was a wonderfully positive experience. We also met local fishermen and their families who have achieved a higher standard of living, while there has been less plastic in the rivers around them. It is so affirming that we can make a real difference for both the environment and the people."


How are OWP+ Special Edition bottles manufactured?

OWP+ Special Edition bottles are made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), and the main source of plastic is primarily collected plastic bags.

The process for OWP+:

  1. ReSea Project collects plastic waste.
  2. ReSea Project sorts the plastic at their sorting station.
  3. ReSea Project compacts the sorted plastic.
  4. Pack Tech collects the compacted plastic and ensures it reaches the processor.
  5. The processor melts the plastic and transforms it into new granules.
  6. The granules are now transported to their manufacturers, where they are integrated into the packaging.

We have expectations of increasing the proportion of OWP+ in the packaging in the future. The proportion of OWP+ affects the color, shape, and use of the packaging.

Just like with all our other packaging, we encourage all our customers to sort our OWP+ Special Edition bottles so they can participate in a plastic waste recycling program.

ZENZ Organic OWP+

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