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ZENZ Organic is a Danish beauty brand that works for a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. 

We develop exclusive haircare and skincare products with respect for your health and our planet. The products are made with active, natural and certified organic ingredients, and the majority are produced in Denmark in packaging made from recycled plastic. 


ZENZ Organic Products are developed by hairdressers and stylist, and we prioritise health and sustainability without compromising the high quality. Discover how the multifunctional products inspire you to be creative and achieve professional results. 

The products are created with a high amount of active ingredients. Therefore, you only need to use a tiny amount to obtain great results. 

Find inspiration on our blog here.  


Create your own wellness experience and feel how ZENZ Organic Products cares for your skin and hair with nature's finest ingredients. The products create a space for self-pampering and well-being without harmful ingredients. 

The ingredients from nature are full of vitamins and minerals, that nourishes and strengthens your hair, which is why you get such a high amount of natural ingredients in ZENZ Organic Products. 

Read more about our ingredients here.  


ZENZ Organic Products has been developed in collaboration with science-based certifications and carries certifications such as the Nordic Ecolabel, AllergyCertified, Ecocert COSMOS Organic, Vegan Society and Ocean Waste Plastic.

Our products are made with the maximum amount of natural and certified organic ingredients - more than the different certifications require.

Read more about our certifications here.

Sustainable packaging

We believe that the beauty industry have a responsibility to reduce the use of new virgin plastic, so that we can take better care of the ocean and our nature. Among other things, we do this by recycling.

Our products are made in packaging from recycled plastic. At the same time, we collaborate with the organisation ReSea, which collects plastic from the world's oceans 1: 1 against the product's packaging weight every time we produce a ZENZ Version 2.0 product.


"ZENZ Organic Products is created with a passion for beauty and a promise to always do more."

We want to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. It is important for us that we are always a part of the solution instead of the problem, and therefore we work with 12 of UN's 17 World Goals for Sustainable Development - read more here.