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Henna colour chart

Colour Chart: Find Your Perfect Henna Hair Colour

ZENZ Botanical Henna is a nourishing treatment that both adds colour and strengthens the hair. Use the colour chart below if you are in doubt about what colour will match your hair best.

How to use the colour chart

If your hair is blond, find the expected results for treatment with the six different henna colours in the column ‘Blond’. Expected results for medium brown hair is found in the column ‘Brown’, while those for dark brown hair is found under 'Dark Brown'.

Colour chart for ZENZ henna hair colour

Henna hair colour
Dark Brown
Peach no. 80
Orange Yellow no. 81
Mandarin no. 82
Chili no. 83
Chestnut no. 84
Walnut no. 85


The colour chart is indicative - both the colour and condition of your hair as well as treatment time are important factors for your result. Therefore, we recommend that you do a colour test before dying your entire hair. Choose the lock of hair in the brightest colour or where there is the most grey hair.

You can mix your henna hair colour with other plant parts to change the nuance

  • Green tea - makes bright colours less yellow or red.
  • Black tea - enhances the brown pigments.
  • Black coffee - makes the colour deeper.
  • Boiling water - makes the colour intense.
  • Sour milk product (yogurt) - makes red colours lighter and more intense in the orange pigment.
  • ZENZ Oil Treatment - makes the henna easier to apply and wash out again and prevents the mixture from drying while in the hair.

The colour becomes more intense if the hair is kept warm and moist during the treatment.

Find your henna hair colour here.