ZENZ Organic avoid the use of microplastics by following the requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Microplastics are pieces of plastic that are less than 5 millimetres in diameter. The small pieces of plastic can form when plastic gets worn or degraded but can also be produced and used intentionally.

Although microplastics are suspected of polluting the environment and our health, it is allowed to use the small plastic parts in beauty products - for example as exfoliating beads in a scrub.

At ZENZ Organic, we don’t use microplastics in our products, and we follow the Nordic Swan Ecolabel's strict requirements for how to avoid microplastics on our ingredient lists.

Knowledge of microplastics is important because:

We take product safety and environmental protection very seriously, and we want our products to be free of microplastics. Identification of new types of microplastics is ongoing. We are constantly integrating new knowledge into our products, as it becomes available and possible.