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Article: Must have products for fine and flat hair

ZENZ Organic Styling Products for fine and flat hair

Must have products for fine and flat hair

Many Danes have what is described as fine, Scandinavian hair. Fine hair is easy to style, but often the hairstyle does not last very long and the hair can be left flat and dull.

Your hair does not necessarily have to look flat just because you are born with a finer hair. Keep reading and become wiser about which hair products are must-haves for fine and flat hair. Already now you can start looking forward to a hair with more fullness that can be both seen and felt.

ZENZ Fint og Fladt hår guide

What is the difference between fine and thin hair?

A fine strand of hair is a strand of hair with a small diameter. In fact, it's so fine that you can hardly feel it if you hold a single strand of hair between two fingers. Thin hair refers to the density of the hair - that is, the amount of hair you have on your head.

Where the thickness of the hair is genetically given, the number of hairs can be determined by both genetics and lifestyle. Stress, unhealthy diet and illness can affect the amount of hairs. Fortunately, the right hair care routine can help restore the natural balance of the scalp and promote hair growth.

You can easily have fine strands of hair and lots of them. However, even with a lot of hair on the head, it can be difficult to make the hair look full. Whether you have fine hair that is thin, thick, long or short, you can benefit from the tips of our experts.


Choose a light shampoo & conditioner for fine hair 

Choose a shampoo and conditioner that does not weigh down your hair and at the same time moisturizes the hair. We recommend our volumizing Shampoo Sweet Sense no. 04 and Conditioner Sweet Sense no. 05, which adds structure and volume to the hair. If your hair is greasy, you can try the Menthol series, which consists of Shampoo Menthol no. 10 and Conditioner Menthol no. 11 with a degreasing effect.

Conditioner from ZENZ Organic may get into the scalp, but be sure to use quite a bit. Distribute the conditioner in the hair by running your fingers through the hair, or use a gentle comb or a brush designed for use in wet hair.

If you feel that your hair is getting frizzy, use even less conditioner - but do not drop it completely. The conditioner closes the cuticle on the hair strand, which opens when the hair gets wet. A closed strand of hair is better protected against daily wear and tear and is also more shiny. 

Another benefit of conditioner is that it counteracts static electricity, so you avoid hair that sticks out to all sides.

ZENZ Organic Sweet Sense

How often should you wash your hair?

Fine hair can benefit from not being washed every day - even if your hair tends to become greasy. So try to see if you can just wash your hair every three days.

It can feel difficult to adjust to go several days between hair washes - especially if you are used to washing your hair every single day. In the beginning, you will find that your hair gets greasy faster, which is due to the fact that the scalp needs to find a new balance. Be patient - for most people it will quickly return to normal.

Treat your fine hair with a protein filled hair treatment 

If you have fine hair strands, a weekly hair treatment should be part of your routine. Fine hair is often more fragile and is easier to split and break. Our Treatment no. 03 cares for both hair and scalp - and a beautiful and strong hair always starts with a healthy scalp. The hair treatment rebuilds the hair shaft from the inside with gluten-free wheat protein, which strengthens the hair and gives it lots of moisture.

If your hair is very dry, you can add a few drops of Oil Treatment to the cure - Sweet Mint no. 96 is especially good for fine and oily hair. The mixture can be used in wet, towel-dried or completely dry hair. The cure only needs to sit in the hair for 10 minutes before rinsing out with water. If you have added oil to the cure, it may be necessary to wash your hair with shampoo before finishing with conditioner.

ZENZ Organic Treatment no. 03

Do a detox of your scalp and hair

Dirt, limescale and product residues can help to weigh down the hair, so it becomes sloppy to look at. Therefore, it is especially important to use a cleansing regimen when the hair is fine and flat. Rinse your hair in the cleansing treatment Hair & Scalp Rinse no. 87 2-4 times a month and experience how the hair becomes lighter and achieves a more vital look.

ZENZ Organic Herbal Rinse no. 87

Use a mild hair brush for fine hair 

Fine hair is more fragile than hair with heavy strands of hair. Therefore, you need to be careful when brushing your hair. Choose a gentle brush like our bamboo brush with real wild boar hair that gently combs the hair without doing damage.

The pig hair brush also helps against electric hair and makes sure to distribute the natural oils from the scalp to the rest of the hair so that the hair becomes stronger and more shiny.

After washing your hair, you should wait 5-10 minutes before combing your hair. The wetter the hair, the more fragile it is. Therefore, you can advantageously let your hair air dry a bit before using the hairbrush.

The best styling products for fine hair

Fine hair typically does not have much volume and texture from nature. It can help to have streaks or extensions made in the hair at the hairdresser, but fortunately you can also achieve lasting results with the right styling products.

ZENZ Organic Fint og Fladt hår Guide

Give volume and structure to your hair with Salt Water Spray

With a little Salt Water Spray you can add both structure and volume to fine hair. Spray your salt water spray in wet or dry hair, then blow dry the hair upside down for extra fullness. The heat from the hair dryer activates the ingredients in the salt water spray.

You can choose from Salt Water Spray no. 14, which is AllergyCertified and without perfume, or Salt Water Spray no. 15 with a sweet scent of orange blossom. Our salt water sprays can also be used as dry shampoo on days when you skip the hair wash. Spray into the hair roots in dry hair, and blow dry afterwards.

Salt Water Spray no. 15

Soft curls and heat protection with Hair Styling Mousse

If your hair is very dry, you can use our Hair Mousse, which gives a softer look than the salt water spray and has heat-protective properties. Choose either the fragrance-free and vegan Hair Mousse no. 90 with gluten-free wheat protein or Hair Mousse no. 91 with silk protein, which gives suppleness to the hair. Perfect when you need to create big, delicious Hollywood waves in your hair.

ZENZ Organic Hair Styling Mousse no. 90

Create structure and hold with Hair Powder

Use the transparent Volume Hair Powder no. 89 to create fullness and make the hairstyle last. You can take the small, bag-friendly powder with you when you are on the go - it quickly gets a hold on the hairstyle after a trip out side in the wind.

Spread the powder in the palms of your hands, then squeeze the hair with your hands. The thinner your hair, the less product you will need. In general, fine hair does not need large amounts of product.

ZENZ Organic Volume Hair Powder no. 89

Use Volume Hair Spray in wet hair 

If you want medium hold, add Volume Hair Spray no. 86 for your styling routine. You can also use it in wet hair where it gives fullness and hold. Use the blow dryer to activate the product for best results.

Once you have set your hair with a blow dryer or styling iron, stop blowing cold air on the hair. It makes the hairstyle last even longer.

ZENZ Organic Volume Hair Spray no. 86

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