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Article: Meet our Experts - Part 2

Behind ZENZ

Meet our Experts - Part 2

Our experts are a big part of ZENZ being a front leader in the sustainable beauty industry. Therefore, we will introduce our team of dedicated experts in a series of blog posts. You will learn more about our experts, why they are experts in their field, and how they acquire expert knowledge. In addition, you can read about how ZENZ use their knowledge, when we develop new products, do treatments in our salons and educate new hairdressers. Most importantly, how our team of experts help promote ZENZ's vision of a more sustainable beauty industry. Our team of experts consists of founder Anne-Sophie Skjødt-Villumsen, education manager Sidsel Riisberg, extension expert Rebekka Olsen and makeup artist Kasia Szefler-balaban.

In this blogpost, we would like to introduce Education Manager Sidsel. Here you can read about Sidsel's path from being a hairdresser to education manager and manager of ZENZ Nørrebrogade, why she is an expert and how she keeps her expert knowledge updated and relevant.

From an A-list hairdresser stylist in London to Education Manager at ZENZ

Sidsel was apprenticed at ZENZ back in 2009 and quickly developed into a highly skilled hairdresser. Sidsel received a bronze medal for her apprenticeship test, after which she worked as a hairdresser for a few years before moving to London to do makeup artist and hairdresser stylist jobs such as photo shoots for various A-list celebrities. Sidsel was very affected by headaches and thought at the time, it was probably because she had a lot on her plate. She moved back to Denmark and started at ZENZ again, where Sidsel also did her apprenticeship. She quickly discovered that her headache subsided after she returned to a non-chemical hairdresser. Sidsel continued her great progress at ZENZ and was subsequently promoted to head of education. Sidsel passes on her wisdom and experience to distributors, trains ZENZ green hairdressers and does haircut and coloring courses. In addition, Sidsel is head of ZENZ on Nørrebrogade.


A worklife without chemicals

After Sidsel got rid of her sufferings from her former chemical-filled work life, sustainability has had a huge impact on her everyday life and work life.

To keep her sustainable knowledge up to date, Sidsel regularly takes courses on how ZENZ salons can carry out their work within sustainable guidelines. In addition, Sidsel is very proactive in her way of acquiring new knowledge, as she must stay up to date on the latest research on how the hairdressing profession can be made healthier and more sustainable. In haircut techniques, Sidsel's go-to methods are most often to absorb knowledge from other hairdressers, find inspiring videos or pictures on social media and in the street´s. Sidsel's experience as a hairdressing stylist in London, taught her to get into the head of a designer and to be able to recreate it in a hairstyle. This experience has taught Sidsel how to incorporate a specific period or trend into a haircut or hairstyle. In addition, Sidsel takes various haircutting technical courses, in order to constantly improve her skills and refine her craft. In the field of natural hair coloring, Anne-Sophie and Sidsel use each other, by combining their experience and knowledge.

Sidsel's favourite ZENZ product and treatment

Sidsel loves ZENZ Styling Paste no. 6, as it contains good ingredients, can be used in most hair types and gives a beautiful finish to your hair. It is also easy to work with. Sidsel's favorite treatment is an oil treatment with ZENZ Deep Wood Oil Treatment no. 99.

"During the treatment, you get a scalp massage, where you can also smell the beautiful oil - it is a pure luxury spa experience," says Sidsel.

One of the reasons why Sidsel loves the Oil Treatment is because it is especially good if you have problems with your scalp or just want to pamper yourself. Sidsel suffers from psoriasis, where an Deep Wood Oil Treatment has a very positive effect on her skin condition. Among other things, the Oil Treatment loosens the psoriasis and stops her scalp from itching. Sidsel also loves the treatments a customer stays glued to the mirror, as they are so happy and satisfied with their new hairstyle.

ZENZ Uddannelsesleder Sidsel

Read Meet Our Experts - Part 1 here, on ZENZ founder Anne-Sophie.

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