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Article: Meet our Experts - Part 1

Behind ZENZ

Meet our Experts - Part 1

Our experts are a big part of ZENZ being a front leader in sustainable beauty industry. Therefore we will introduce our team of dedicated experts in a series of blog posts. You will learn more about our experts, why they are experts in their field, and how they acquire expert knowledge. In addition, you can read about how we at ZENZ use their knowledge when we develop new products, do treatments in our salons and educate new hairdressers. Most importantly, how our team of experts help promote ZENZ's vision of a more sustainable beauty industry. Our team of experts consists of founder Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen, Head of Education Sidsel Riisberg, extension expert Rebekka Olsen and makeup artist Kasia Szefler-balaban.

The first expert we would like to introduce is founder Anne-Sophie Skjødt Willumsen. Here you can read about Anne-Sophie's path to founding ZENZ, why she is an expert and how she keeps up to date with her expert knowledge.

Anne-Sophie's way from being a hairdressing trainee to founder of ZENZ 

Anne-Sophie knew ever since she was in fifth grade that she wanted to be a hairdresser. She was inspired when she was allowed to go with her father to work, who worked at DR, and was introduced to the work of hairdressers and stylists. Anne-Sophie studied to be a hairdresser and got an apprenticeship, where she developed an allergy towards chemistry, which was undeniably a part of an everyday life as a hairdresser. After 10 years as a trained hairdresser, Anne-Sophie made a big decision and jumped out as a freelancer, mixing her own products because she did not want to work with chemistry, but exclusively with natural ingredients. Anne-Sophie quickly realized that there was a great demand for a greener hairdresser and related products, which today make up ZENZ, where we work for a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry.

The hairdressing field is about sustainability and precision for Anne-Sophie 

“With handcraft subjects, you can always learn and become wiser. You can always learn new things. You can always get better. I love that you make an effort every day. ” Says founder Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen passionately.

Anne-Sophie's everyday life consists of doing haircuts and coloring customers as well as teaching the hairdressing profession. There's a recurring theme in everything Anne-Sophie does - and that's sustainability. She makes a virtue out of keeping up to date on the latest knowledge in certifications and new sustainable technology. She does this by seeking out new research on sustainable beauty. Anne-Sophie also participates in various certification courses, to get the latest updated knowledge about the various certifications that ZENZ products are labeled with.

“It's really important to keep in mind as a hairdresser that you have to go in to every haircut with the attitude that this is going to be the best haircut ever. The customer must walk away from ZENZ and feel absolutely beautiful. You are no better than your last haircut. ” Says Anne-Sophie.

To become an even better hairdresser, Anne-Sophie takes haircut courses and conferences around the world. Within non-chemical hair coloring, Anne-Sophie tries her best as she has been working with natural hair coloring, Henna hair coloring, for so many years. There are not many with as much knowledge and experience in Henna hair color as Anne-Sophie.

Anne-Sophie's favourite products and treatments from ZENZ

Anne-Sophie is a big fan of the organic oils from ZENZ. Anne-Sophie loves that the oils are multifunctional and can be used in all aspects. She uses them for everything from guggle her mouth, to cleansing her skin, to give extra moisture in her face cream or scalp - she even uses the oil in Henna hair coloring. "There is no place I do not use ZENZ oils," says Anne-Sophie. Anne-Sophie loves hair treatments and treatments, where you get both a foot bath and a hair treatment at the same time, which every ZENZ hairdresser offers, as she loves to do something extraordinary for her customers. In addition, Anne-Sophie loves to geek out on hair coloring and mix different colors and help give a customer healthier and more beautiful hair.

Anne-Sophie is one of our experts who makes ZENZ constantly better and smarter, so that we can achieve our mission of a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry.

ZENZ grundlægger Anne-Sophie

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