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Article: ZENZ is officially B Corp certified!

ZENZ is officially B-corp certified to meet high standarts regarding accountability, transparency and results
Behind ZENZ

ZENZ is officially B Corp certified!

ZENZ has been B Corp certified since December 2022. The company certification is for the entire ZENZ and thereby both our hairdressing chain and product line, ZENZ Organic Products. We are proud to be B Corp certified, which means that we as a company live up to the highest standards regarding responsibility, transparency and our social and environmental footprint. 

We have always worked with external certifications, as we wish to take responsibility and create credibility towards our customers and business partners. With B Corp, we can continue to strive and develop our responsible hairdressing concept and professional products in our mission for a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. 

For us as a company, employees and citizens, it’s essential that ZENZ make an effort to take part in the action to solve the world's challenges and create a better future for our planet, nature and people. 

We work dedicatedly with the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Read more here. As a natural extension of this, we are now officially a certified B Corp company and part of the global B Corp movement. B Corp is an independent certification of companies that meet high standards regarding accountability, transparency and results regarding 5 categories: environment, employees, customers, society and governance. 

For us, this means in detail that we have an independent framework tool to work with how we develop as a responsible company. We have always made an effort - now we have an external, independent tool to work with in an even more targeted and structured manner. For our customers, this means that they can trust when we say that we are constantly working to be a better and more sustainable company for our planet, nature and people. 

Here you can read about our contribution to the five categories: environment, employees, customers, communities and governance. 



This category is about how and to what extent we work to look after our common environment – from the air we breathe to our drinking water and life on land. 

Significant existing contributions: Our products and treatments are developed and carried out with the greatest possible consideration for the environment, from the choice of ingredients and packaging to shipping and production as well as the way we work in our salons. Most importantly, when we claim something about what our products do for the environment, we have external independent certifications and documentation to back it up. 

Read about our external certifications here. 


This category is about ensuring that employees have financial security and are paid a fair salary, that we support their career development and joy in going to work, and ensure physical and psychological safety and health at work. 

Significant existing contributions: In traditional hairdressing salons, where ordinary beauty products are used, many employees suffer from eczema and allergies etc. ZENZ was founded in 1999 precisely to avoid this and for the same reason has along the way helped to found Safe Hair Salon (a Nordic salon certification) with very high requirements to ensure good and healthy working enviroment for the salon's employees. As a hairdresser in ZENZ, for example, you will not be exposed to the same harmful chemistry. Because a large part of our business is based on our hairdressers, we do a lot to develop and keep them. We strive to take in the most talented hairdresser trainees and educate them until they can one day become managers. We strive to further educate all of our hairdressers and pay the highest salaries in the industry. We create flexibility so that there is room for everyone, regardless of where they are in life. Whether they need help, for example in the form of flexibility to carry out their work or recover from an illness or life crisis. 



This category is about whether one's products and services are designed to deliver a specific, significant and positive impact on one's customers in addition to the value products and services will always have as a starting point. 

Significant existing contributions: Our primary contribution to our customers is that we have certifications for both our products and services. As a third party, certifications can ensure credibility with customers, as it ensures documentation for the things we say. We have strong compliance and quality assurance procedures. The certifications we work with are acknowledge and focus on health, sustainability, allergies, natural and certified organic ingredients and vegan ingredients. On top of that, we offer a full warranty and also have processes for customer feedback and complaints. Overall, the wish is to give our customers assurance that they will get what they have bought and if, contrary to expectations, they should experience something else, then we will cover it. 



This category is about how to increase diversity, equality and inclusion at the same time as creating positive development in society through, for example, donations or direct involvement in local communities. 

Significant existing contributions: ZENZ is a primarily female-run and female-led company. The majority of all employees are women and in addition the majority of managers are women. The majority of our production takes place in Denmark. In addition, we have a screening process for new suppliers to ensure that we work with companies that create social and/or environmental results. In addition, we support a number of projects that help vulnerable people both locally and globally. 



This category is about the way we run the company and support our mission that benefits planet, nature and people – not just the owners of the company - in addition how transparently and ethically the company is run. 

Significant existing contributions: The most significant measure we have implemented to ensure governance that supports the environment, employees, customers and society is that the company's articles of association specify that the company's purpose i.a. is to have a significant positive impact on society and the environment as a whole and that all decisions taken by the management must take this into account. Precisely, this means that the executive board has not legally fulfilled its task if the company is not responsible, transparent and results-creating when it comes to the environment, employees, customers and society. 


Read more about B Corp here. 

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