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Organic face creams with anti-ageing effect

ZENZ Organic Face Creams are effective moisturizing and anti-ageing Face Creams, with ingredients that have been proven effective in preventing and reducing wrinkles. They also add instant moisture to the skin.

The Face Creams contain the wrinkle-reducing double peptide Matrixyl-®3000 and the effective moisture-binding hyaluronic acid. In addition, the Face Creams contain nature's finest ingredients, such as purified aloe vera, shea butter and organic cold-pressed avocado oil.

ZENZ Organic Face Creams are available with and without perfume.

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Anti-Ageing Face Cream Deep Wood no. 100 (50 ml)Anti-Ageing Face Cream Deep Wood no. 100 (50 ml)
Anti-Ageing Face Cream Pure no. 101 (50 ml)Anti-Ageing Face Cream Pure no. 101 (50 ml)



Testperson - Curly edition

Testperson - Curly edition

At ZENZ, we've conducted a trial with testers who've used ZENZ products for a period of 3 months. We included women of various ages, with different hair types, textures, and colors, each with dive...

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Discover Radiant Hair with ZENZ: Real Stories from Our Perfume-Free Product Test Phase

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Zenz is a winner og Global green Beauty Awards 2023

ZENZ x Global Green Beauty Awards 2023

The Global Green Beauty Award is a collaboration of four markets: Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Asia. This award is the result of consumers seeking organic beauty products and brand...

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