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Test course with ZENZ: meet Siv, Emilie and Freja

Treating an unbalanced scalp

At ZENZ, we conducted a program with test persons where we focused on achieving a balanced scalp. Siv, Emilie, and Freja began their program by visiting one of ZENZ's salons in Copenhagen, where they received a hair analysis. (Take our online hair analysis here and get your own personalised haircare recommendations). The women received a customized range of products based on their hair analysis. The products were tailored to them and their specific hairtype and they used them exclusively for the next two months. Following this, they received the ZENZ Detox treatment to remove lime, dirt, and product buildup from their scalp. They used Hair & Scalp Rinse Fresh Herbs no. 87, followed by a Protein Treatment with Treatment Pure no. 03, which rebuilds and strengthens the hair. Emilie, Freja, and Siv each had different issues with their scalp that ZENZ aimed to address. In this blogpost you can read more about the scalp problems the women had. See how our professionals organised a personalised treatment plan for Emilie, Freja, and Siv and witness how they achieve a healthy and balanced scalp with ZENZ.

Meet Siv

A scalp prone to getting oily

"I started the process at ZENZ with a really sensitive scalp. My scalp could almost get irritated due to the wind blowing. Additionally, I have thin hair that quickly becomes heavy and lacklustre. After this 2-month process with ZENZ, I can really feel that my scalp has become much more balanced."

Siv came to ZENZ with an unbalanced scalp which resulted in oily scalp and hair. Siv also struggled with a sensitive scalp that reacted to products with harsh chemicals. The focus was therefore to provide Siv with a range of products and treatments that would cleanse her scalp of product buildup, whilst also nourishing it with gentle and natural ingredients. After completing the program, Siv mentioned that she finds it almost strange that she couldn't 'feel' her scalp anymore because she has been so used to it itching or burning. Siv believes that this is particularly due to Hair & Scalp Rinse Fresh Herbs no. 87, which has made a huge difference. It has made her scalp feel fresh and it has balanced her scalp. Siv is relieved that she has finally found products that care for her hair and that her sensitive scalp and hair can tolerate. Siv has also been particularly pleased that the products are effective, natural, organic and certified, so she knows that they are safe to use. At the same time, Siv feels like she's doing something good for herself and she is happy that the products have yielded such good results.

See the difference in Siv's scalp

Meet Freja

A dry and irritated scalp

"I started the process with ZENZ with an unbalanced scalp that had the tendency to get psoriasis. I could quickly see and feel a big difference, especially in my scalp. I had a patch in the back of my neck that really itched and bothered me, and I no longer experience the itching. It has truly been a huge problem throughout my life; I have visited various doctors and applied so many different ointments to my scalp, and NOTHING has helped - until ZENZ came into the picture."

Freja came to ZENZ frustrated that her scalp was always irritated, dry, and itchy, and she had a red and irritated spot on the back of her neck. Freja had visited various doctors throughout her life and used different ointments without success. Her hair analysis also showed that her scalp was irritated and red. The focus was therefore to soothe, nourish, and nurture Freja's scalp.

Freja received the Deep Wood series, which has soothing and moisturizing properties and helps restore the scalp's natural balance. She also received ZENZ Oil Treatment Deep Wood no. 99 as an overnight treatment for the scalp. Freja also got Styling Gel Sweet Orange no. 12 and Hair Styling Mousse Pure no. 90 to nourish, protect, and moisturize her hair while providing hold. She also received the ZENZ Perfect Curl duo to learn how to enhance her natural hair texture.

After the program ended, Freja mentioned that it is a great relief for her that her scalp has found its balance, as it has been such a longstanding problem for her. Freja elaborated that she particularly believes that the Shampoo Deep Wood no. 07, Oil Treatment Deep Wood no. 99, and Hair & Scalp Rinse Fresh Herbs no. 87 have helped with balancing her scalp and providing a lot of care and nourishment. Freja added that she feels that her hair has also become much softer and easier to comb. Freja is amazed that "it doesn't take more" than just finding and using the right products, considering that she has seen so many different doctors who were never able to solve her scalp issues. Freja concludes by mentioning that besides her scalp being balanced, she also no longer experiences her hair getting frizzy.

See the difference in Freja's scalp

Meet Emilie

Understand your scalps needs

"I began the program at ZENZ with what I thought was a normal healthy scalp until I received my hair analysis and discovered that it was completely clogged with silicone. It has been so exciting to learn so much in this process. I especially feel that Shampoo Cactus no. 17 has been beneficial for my scalp; it has made my hair and scalp feel fresh, and my hair has been able to go longer without a wash."

Emilie came to ZENZ without specific scalp issues but she wanted to learn more about what her hair and scalp needed in order to get the healthiest hair. Emilie's hair analysis revealed that her scalp had product buildup and tended to be dry. Therefore, Emilie received a range of products that focused on nourishing her hair whilst also cleansing the product buildup in her scalp.

Emilie received Shampoo Cactus no. 17 and Cactus Conditioner no. 18, which provided plenty of moisture and enriched the hair and scalp with vitamins and minerals. The Cactus series strengthens the scalp and leaves the hair healthier and shinier.

After the program ended, Emilie mentioned that she believes Hair & Scalp Rinse Fresh Herbs no. 87 also had a significant impact on cleansing her scalp. Emilie used it once a week. She added that it has been pure luxury to use ZENZ products and that it felt like having a hair salon at home. Emilie found the trial to be a cool experience where she learned how to see and feel how using good and healthy products, tailored to her hair needs could have an impact on the overall health of her hair. She also noticed a clear difference through the images of the hair analysis. Emilie concludes by mentioning that she felt very well taken care of by really skilled professionals who provided her with excellent guidance.

See the difference in Freja's scalp

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