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Article: Experience the 6 lovely fragrance series with ZENZ Signature

experience our fragrance series ZENZ signature

Experience the 6 lovely fragrance series with ZENZ Signature

Do you know the feeling that certain scents can affect your mood? For example lavender is said to calm the mind, while some citrus scents can be refreshing and bring joy. At ZENZ Organic we work with active ingredients and essential oils that provide lovely frangrances and strengthen skin and hair. We have developed a range of signature series with their own sets of properties and scents that create lovely, aromatherapeutic experiences in everyday life. 
Read more and learn how the different signature series can help you achieve healthy and beautiful hair and a balanced skin.

Choose haircare and styling without perfume | ZENZ Pure 

If you want to take extra care and avoid even the most natural, eco-labeled fragrances in your products, ZENZ Signature Pure cares gently without perfume and can be safely used for sensitive skin, children and during pregnancy. All products in the Pure Signature series carry the eco-label and are AllergyCertified. 

Bestseller Shampoo Pure no. 01 gently cleanses the hair with gentle soap ingredients from coconut, while organic cold-pressed avocado oil and organic purified aloe vera nourishes the hair and scalp with vitamins and minerals. Conditioner Pure no. 02 protects the hair strands with an invisible film of nourishing ingredients that leave the hair silky soft and shiny without silicone. 

If you want to rebuild worn or damaged hair, add a protein treatment, Treatment Pure no. 03 to your hair care routine. It helps to repair hair strands from the inside with vegan, gluten-free wheat protein, making the hair stronger and healthier. Add a few drops of Oil Treatment Pure no. 97 for an extra rich and moisturizing treatment. ZENZ Pure Box

Read 10 ways you can use your Oil Treatment in this blog post. 

The Pure series contains styling products for all needs that protect your hair and scalp from harmful chemicals. The styling products with spraying function do not release aerosols, which are small, airborne droplets that linger in the air after spraying. Aerosols are difficult not to inhale and are bad for the health for both adults and children. 

See the entire ZENZ Signature Pure series here.

Day dream your way to Morocco with| ZENZ Rhassoul

Dream yourself away to Morocco with Rhassoul, which has a wonderful sweet scent of vanilla, coconut milk, and caramel. Rhassoul is made from rasul clay extracted from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Rasul clay has a unique composition of minerals, which is the reason why the clay is good and effective for skin and hair. Rasul clay has both a very cleansing and nourishing effect.

ZENZ Signature Rhassoul provides moisture, strength, and vitality to fine, normal, and dry hair as well as a dry scalp. Shop the entire ZENZ Signature Rhassoul range here.

Achieve natural volume with a refreshing summer scent | ZENZ Sweet 

With ZENZ Sweet, You can dream away to a summer garden full of the most beautiful flowers. In the series, you will find a shampoo, conditioner and styling products that give your hair natural volume and a refreshing summer scent. Perfect for normal to fine Scandinavian hair. 

Shampoo no. 04 and Conditioner no. 05 from the Sweet Sense series have a volume-enhancing effect, it nourishes the hair with organic plant oils and contribute to a balanced scalp. The haircare series spreads a sweet, uplifting summer scent of orange blossom and bergamot. A lovely way to start your day that leaves your hair soft and shiny. 

ZENZ Signature Sweet Box

Try Shampoo no. 04 and Conditioner no. 05 Sweet Sense with for instance Ionic Styling Brush Round, which helps to distribute the scalp's natural oils in the hair, making your hair healthy and full of natural shine. 

If your hair is damaged, coloured or in need of extra moisture an oil hair treatment is ideal. Oil Treatment Healing Sense no 98 nourishes with natural oils and contains roman and blue chamomile that provides shine and flexibility to the hair. The oil can also alleviate psoriasis on the scalp and body, while the scent of chamomile, resin and bergamot has a seductive depth. 

ZENZ Signature Sweet for volume and shine

The ZENZ Signature Sweet series also includes mild styling products that care for your hair with ingredients such as avocado extract and spread a sweet, refreshing scent of orange blossom. With Styling Gel Sweet Orange no. 12 you get styling gel and a nourishing hair serum in one caring product that provides medium hold and works as a natural heat protection.

You can also achieve a wavy beach look with Salt Water Spray Sweet Orange no. 15 by spraying the product at the roots of wet hair and letting it air dry. It creates the most beautiful look full of texture.

See the entire ZENZ Signature Sweet series here.

Soothing care for dry hair and skin | ZENZ Deep Wood 

ZENZ Signature Deep Wood collection allows you to relax and let your thoughts wander to the tranquility of the forest. The Deep Wood series provides intensive care for skin, hair, and scalp. Perfect for curly and dry hair as well as mature skin and scalp problems, as the essential oils have a naturally nourishing and soothing effect. The series spreads a warm scent of patchouli, myrrh, and wood notes with a hint of lavender and is popular across genders. Achieve the soothing effects on the skin with Face Cream Deep Wood no. 100. The cream contains active anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides that have moisturizing properties and are proven to be highly effective in reducing wrinkles. If your skin is particularly thirsty, or you want a richer formula for night cream, you can add a drop of Oil Treatment Deep Wood no. 99. Shampoo no. 07 and Conditioner no. 08 Deep Wood provide intensive moisture for dry and curly hair that needs extra care. 


ZENZ Signature Deep Wood Box

Both Shampoo no. 07, Conditioner no. 08 and Oil Treatment no. 99 Deep Wood soothe, moisturize and can help against dandruff, itching or irritated scalp. Use Oil Treatment no. 99 as a nourishing hair mask, massage a few drops into the tips of your hair after styling, or enjoy the nourishing properties on dry and tired skin. If you have beautiful, natural curls, the oil is also good in the lengths of your hair to ensure care throughout the day. You can read more about curl care in our blog post  "The stylist's 6 care tips for the Curly Girl method."

You can explore the entire ZENZ Signature Deep Wood series here.

Control oily hair | ZENZ Menthol 

ZENZ Signature Menthol brings to mind a cool, refreshing dip in the ocean on a hot summer day. The series stimulates blood circulation and creates a cooling effect from essential oils. Perfect for normal to fine hair with a tendency to become greasy.

Enjoy a refreshing scent of menthol and eucalyptus with Shampoo no. 10 and Conditioner no. 11 Menthol, while Oil Treatment Sweet Mint no. 96 spreads a sweet scent of mint, ginger, and orange.

Read more about how to reduce greasy hair by restoring the natural balance in the blog post "How to control greasy hair".

See the entire ZENZ Signature Menthol series here.

Extra vitamins and minerals from fig cactus | ZENZ Cactus 

With ZENZ Signature Cactus, you are gently led into a world of exotic scents. The Cactus series nourishes hair with certified organic plant oils and extra vitamins and minerals from the fig cactus, which has strong moisture-binding properties.

Shampoo no. 17 and Conditioner no. 18 Cactus spread a light, discreet scent of peach and cedarwood with a hint of sour pineapple and is popular among both men and women. The series has a gel-like consistency and adds care without weighing down the hair. Perfect for dry or curly hair.

See the entire ZENZ Signature Cactus series here.

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